Thursday, September 18, 2008

A trip to Taiping by E!,megu,apek,nazriq we come.
16/9 2330 p.m.

The journey of 4 youngsters started in WJA 5261 with full of hoped that our journey will complete safely. in the dark highway Nazriq took the first shift to drive, heading to Taiping.

17/9 0200 a.m

we arrived at R n R Tapah and straightly ran to toilet. our gall bladder was fulled. Suddenly.
when we wanted to enter the car. A chinese, totally naked trying to approach us showing his little brother. hik hik hik.. nazriq tried to flyingkick the chinese brat but he ran away towards crowd that were eating and watching football match. situation went choas. ladies ran away here and there. a big man attack the mad naked guy and kick him at the head. yeah!! the naked maen tried to fight back but a disguised police officer punch that man at lock the man at his head.
just like in WWF. stone cold and the rock. hahahah.. few minutes later, radio-car arrived and took the man away. i think they heading to Tanjung Rambutan hi hi hi. then, apek take the stereng and we continued our journey to Taiping.

5.30 a.m

after a long journey. finally, we arrived at Taiping and tried to find a restaurant to sahur but seem like there is no open-restaurant at all.. then, we found a gigantic signboard "TAIPING BaNDAR WARISAN". and a photo-shot began.


we take a short sleep at masjid TM at taiping.

after our mission finished, we drove directly to shah alam, E take his shift to drive the car..
after solat at RnR tapah..our car broke down and we have to spent about 1 hour for the car to cool down..and after that meguu take the wheel and we safely arrived at shah alam at 5.15 pm

our car broke down. supervise by E,apek,nazriq

that all..our journey mission accomplished and its fun to have journey like this.

tenkiu :)

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KucalanaGitumo said...

intriguing..!! i can almost feel as if i was there. nice add-ons, nice fillings.