Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day and night

Day and night..

everyday is the same day..
even sunday seems to be like everyday in a week.
playing around and hanging out wif my bros.
it's quiet amazing how i cannot pretend to be someday else like someone can.
i can't lie about my the changing in my music and lifestyle.
but still,
i tend to improvise my skills in may things.
guitar,cars,computer and some other stuffs.

adapting in new surrounding make me think about how human can change and i already thought that if we tried not to change, we will be the 'bullshit' brats.
everybody have to change.
thats what we do..
even world economy and phylosophy sometimes change.

Day and night
we should have more fun in life.
and change for oue best..

1 comment:

PAJID said...

ya. Change.
but dun ever forget me.